OPPORTUNITÉ- Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award

  • Ibrahima Talibé Camara
OPPORTUNITÉ- Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award

Date d’échéance : 31 août, 2016

Présentation du donateur

With SEA we are looking for businesses/projects/ideas, whose innovative, lucrative business models have found the solution to an ecological or social problem. Independent from size, industry or country everybody is invited to submit his project, idea and business model focused on Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

All submissions received until the 31st of August 2016 are running through the evaluation process for the SEA 2016.

For our 5th anniversary we have further developed our event concept. As the awards have been given on a glamourous evening gala event in past times, we have changed the focus on exchange and communication between entrepreneurs, investors, interested people. Therefore we have decided to start the SEA-event already in the afternoon hours. The finalists of the year 2016 will be invited to present their project/company to the jury-members and potential investors. After closing the evaluation process of the finalists the winners will be announced and awarded on an exclusive evening event. The most outstanding project will receive a reward of 10.000 euros.

We are looking forward to numerous submissions.

Résumé de l'opportunité

You can get honored with one of our much sought awards if you submit with SEA.

In addition to the honoraria and prize we offer following possibilities:

Find an investor through Sea!*

You have two possibilities to find a suitable investor. After we tested and classified your project we offer on one hand side our own “Sea-Fund” with a provide-able volume from 30 -50 million Euro, this Fund will be applied with a selected financial partner, on the other hand we function as interface and network for your business/project/idea to help find a suitable investor.

Get a specific funding through SEA! Our professionals will provide you with the perfect funding assistance. They will help you develop and realise your application.

From now on you can submit to SEA 365 days a year! Deadline to participate and submit for the SEA 2016 is the 31st august 2016! After this date you will submit your project/idea for the SEA 2017.

There is no guarantee to get Funding and Investment through your submission. Through your submission you will enter our database, which is our base to link you with potential investors, or to help you find suitable funding and consulting.

Critères d'éligibilité

A Sustainable Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who has recognised a social problem and linked its solution with an innovative, profitable business idea, and by doing so shaped the world of today and tomorrow. The SEA is oriented towards companies and persons around the world who live and understand ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ in its best sense. Irrespective of the size of the company, the industry or country involved, anybody is welcome to submit their ideas, projects and business models in the sense of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.
To find an overview of all the winners for the SEA 2015, click here.

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The SEA has a total of eight separate categories: Integration & Social; Climate, Environment & Energy; Knowledge & Education; Mobility & Technological Innovations; Development & Services; Lifestyle & Culture, Urban & Regional Development, and Health & Medicine.

Within our submission-form all important information to your business/project/idea are gathered. Your data will be transferred to our database and function as basis for evaluation from our top-class jury, or your search for investors.

Submit for SEA 2016

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